Charlie The Adventures of Charlie by Sophia Moseley Adventures

'The Adventures of Charlie' ... a little boy but big adventures!
The first book in the series of The Adventures of Charlie

Written by Sophia Moseley & illustrated by Angela Delderfield

A set of stories inspired by my children's imagination and my long held belief that fairy tales, fables and fiction should form part of a staple diet of story-telling for every child.

Book IllustrationThe first book in the series of The Adventures of Charlie is made up of four short stories:

Two of the stories, The Pot of Gold and The Tooth Fairy, are based on age old stories handed down from generation to generation; The Birthday Wish is based on every child's wish that birthdays and Christmas Day happened more than once a year and The Ship of Dreams is just that, an exciting dream on board a pirate's ship!

Each story will take roughly quarter of an hour to read by an adult, so an ideal 'bed-time' story but it is also perfect as a 'first reader' because the print is bold and large and the language is set at a level most 5-8 year olds will be starting to read and understand. It is also suitable for both boys and girls alike. The illustrations are bold and colourful lifting the characters and scenes out of the text and bringing them to life.

The Adventures of Charlie was officially launched on Sunday 13 May and can be bought online.

"Well written, with imaginative stories aimed at first time readers. The dragon in 'The Ship of Dreams' is ideal for young children to be introduced into the fantasy worlds that exist in books for older children."

A Foster, Retired Publisher